St Lucia Programme

St Lucia citizenship is the newest and optimal option in the Caribbean by investment programme, providing a range of benefits for investors. Along all the benefits an island in the Caribbean can offer, this programme offers the advantage of visa-free entry to 145 countries (including UK, Singapore, Hong Kong and EU). 


  • Visa Free Travel to 145 Countries including UK, EU, Hong Kong and Singapore
  • Fast Processing Within 3 Months
  • Very Good Connection to America and Europe
  • No Residency Requirement
  • Citizenship for Life
  • Dual Citizenship Possibility
  • No Tax on Worldwide Income
  • Residency Includes Spouses, Children under 25 years old, disabled children of any age and parents above 65 residing with the applicant)

Investment Options

There are 4 Options available that may grant you a St Lucia citizenship. 

  1. The National Economic Fund

The National Economic Fund was created in order to receive investments to fund St Lucia government-sponsored projects. Applicants can obtain citizenship by making a monetary contribution to the NEF. Requirements may vary. See below. 

  • Main applicant: $ 100,000
  • Main applicant and spouse: $140,000
  • Main applicant, spouse and 2 additional family members: $150,000
  • Each additional family member of a main applicant, spouse and 2 other family members: $15,000
  • Each additional family member: $25,000

2. Real Estate

Applicants may obtain citizenship if they purchase a government-approved property valued at a minimum of $300,000. The property must be owned and maintained for a minimum of 5 years after the obtention of citizenship. Processing fees apply. 

3. Pre-Approved Enterprise Project

Citizenship may be obtained by making an investment in a pre-approved enterprise project. Independent investments must be valued at $ 1,000,000 and create 3 jobs minimum. Joint investments must be valued at $6,000,000 (each investor must contribute at least $1,000,000) and create 6 jobs minimum. Applicants may also do an independent investment valued at $3,500,000 and create 3 jobs. 

4. Government Bonds

Applicants may invest in Government bonds to obtain citizenship. Investments must be held for a fixed period of time (see below) once the citizenship has been granted. 

  • Main applicant $ 250,000 (to be held for 5 years)
  • Main applicant and one family member $ 250,000 (to be held for 6 years)
  • Main applicant and up to 4 family members $ 250,000 (to be held for 7 years)
  • Main applicant and up to 4 family members $ 300,000 (to be held for 5 years)
  • Any additional family member $15,000 each

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